Top 10 Space Agencies in the World

Space is the most curious and interesting topic in the world. Everyone wants to get knowledge and information about the space industry. Almost all the powerful countries invest in research and development. The countries that have space power may have influences in world politics.

The countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia, India, etc are very strong in World Space. Due to a strong presence in the Space and Satellite industry, these countries are in the list of the most powerful countries in the World. The majority of countries have their space agency, but only a few space agency has recognition and trustworthiness. We will discuss here the top 10 space agencies in the world.

  • NASA
  • ISRO
  • CNSA
  • RFSA
  • ESA
  • JAXA
  • SpaceX
  • CNES
  • DLR
  • ASI

Top space agency in the world

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the largest space industry in the world. NASA is the independent space agency of the American government. It was established in 1958 and from its launching date to today, NASA has achieved so many great accomplishments. Now NASA is the best and most popular space agency in the world.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the World’s second largest Space Agency in the world. There has been a very long story for ISRO, It was established in 1969 by Indian Scientist Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai. This Indian Space Agency was launched even before China and Russian Space Agencies. Some big achievements of ISRO are the Chandrayaan 1 mission, the Mars mission, and many more. India feels very proud of its ISRO.

China National Space Administration (CNSA)

China National Space Administration (CNSA) is the 3rd largest space agency in the world. It was established by the Chinese government in 1993. CNSA has achieved many more achievements in Space and satellite research. CNSA has sent more than 4500 satellites and spacecraft into Space.

Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA)

Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) is a Russian Space Agency. It was established on 25 February 1992, by a decree of the President Yeltsin. RFSA is also known as Roscosmos. RFSA has achieved many more things in the Space Industry. Due to competition with the Chinese and American Space Agency, Russia has invested a lot of resources in its space agency to improve productivity and efficiency.

European Space Agency (ESA)

European Space Agency was formed in 1975 by European countries. It is a joint organization of 20 European countries. The headquarters of ESA is in Paris which is the Capital of France. ESA has completed many missions such as the Mars Mission, Venus Mission etc. Apart from these missions, European Space Agency is also working on some other interesting projects that will help to boost the European Space Program.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Government of Japan has its space agency known as Japan Aurospacespace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The Japan Aerospace JAXA was launched in 2003. The headquarters of JAXA (Japan Space Agency) is in Tokyo. However, some space organizations in Japan already working in the space industry before the launching of JAXA. The Japan Aerospace Agency JAXA was formed after the merging of three aerospace organizations. The merged institutions were Japan’s Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), the National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (NAL), and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NSDAJ)

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX)

SpaceX was launched in 2002, owned by the richest man in the world Elon Must. SpaceX is the first private space research company in the world. The main objective of this space agency is to reduce the cost of going to space and also make research simpler. The headquarters of SpaceX is in Hawthorne, California, USA. The best achievement of this private Space Agency is to make a rocket that can come back from space and can be reused in another program. Even NASA which is the largest space agency in the world, is not able to make such kind of the Rocket. SpaceX is currently developing its advanced Starship rocket for upcoming missions, which shares some similarities in configuration with NASA’s top rocket launch system.

National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)

France Space Agency was formed in 1961 to establish research in science and technology. The National Centre for Space Studies has achieved many landmarks and contributions to the field of Space exploration and technology. Some of the outstanding accomplishments and contributions by France Space are amazing. Centre National d’√Čtudes Spatiales (CNES) is also involved in some future projects including the development of next-generation launch vehicles, Earth observation satellites, and scientific missions.

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a German Space Agency, Founded in 1969. DLR specializes in conducting research in aerospace, energy, and transportation. The headquarters of the German Space Agency is in Cologne with 35 more locations in different parts of Germany. DLR has a partnership with National and International agencies for a wide range of research and development projects.

Italian Space Agency (ASI)

The Italian Space Agency is a government institution, founded in 1988. The main task of this space agency is to fund, regulate, and coordinate all the activities in Italy. The Italian Space Agency (ASI) made a partnership with the various national and international institutions that actively work in aerospace research and technology. The Italian Space Agency has made significant contributions to space exploration and technology development and continues to be an active participant in international space missions and research efforts.

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