English to Sinhalese Typing Online

Typing the Sinhalese language on an English QWERTY keyboard could be very hectic without a user-friendly typing tool. We have introduced new English to Sinhalese typing tool to ease the effort, which you can use for free! This English to Sinhala typing online tool works on the Google Input Method or Google IME, a set … Read more

English to Persian Typing Online

Typing Persian or Farsi language on computers or mobile phones has never been easy unless you know how to use the Persian keyboard. We have developed this English to Persian online typing tool to ease the effort. This is a free tool, and you can type Persian language using English letters and press the space … Read more

English to Marathi Typing Online

If you are searching for easy-to-use Marathi typing software, then you are in the right place. We have developed an online English to Marathi typing tool to ease your effort of using the complex Marathi keyboards. This is a smart converter tool. You don’t need any training to use this software as it is pretty … Read more

English to Telugu Typing Online

This software used for English to Telugu typing online is free. You can write an unlimited number of words. You need to write an English word on the given textbox and press the Space button on your computer or Enter on your mobile. Then, it will be converted into a Telugu word with the same … Read more

English to Oriya Typing Online

We have introduced a free and easy-to-use English to Oriya Online Typing tool to ease the effort of typing on a complex Oriya keyboard. Anyone with Basic Typing knowledge in QWERTY keyboards can type in this textbox above to see it automatically converted into Oriya font. You can easily type Oriya font using this simple … Read more

English to Nepali Typing Online

A user-friendly typing tool will make Nepali typing on an English keyboard really easy, and here you can experience the same. This English to Nepali online typing tool will ease your effort to type Nepali script using the keyboard of your desktop or mobile phone. This free online typing tool functions on the Google Input … Read more

English to Gujarati Typing Online

This conversion tool is very useful for English to Gujarati typing online at a fast pace. You can just use your usual keyboard with the English alphabet, which is an added advantage. It is reliable software that automatically converts every English word into Gujarati. This tool’s output applies to all computers and laptops of various … Read more

English to Tigrinya Typing Online

Tigrinya, a Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language, is used in Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia. However, this language is mainly used in the mass media, education, and government and non-governmental agencies in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Hence, covert from English to Tigrinya is a rather low search option. Recently, some new languages have been added to … Read more

Kruti Dev Hindi Font Download

Kruti Dev is amongst the popular font styles for Hindi typing. Of the various fonts available, this one is the favourable choice for Government and Private bodies. It is a non-Unicode typeface derived from the Devanagiri script. This True Type font uses the Remington keyboard layout. The profound usage of this style necessitates Kruti Dev … Read more

English to Sanskrit Typing Online

Belonging to the Indo-European family of languages, Sanskrit is tough to type. In this regard, Google Input Tools easily facilitate English to Sanskrit Typing Google. As such, by using a typical English keyboard, Sanskrit can be written easily. As modern youths are attracted to find the meaning of the Veda and the ideology of Yoga, … Read more