Most populated Buddhist Countries in the World

Over 500 million people worldwide practise Buddhism, making it the fourth most common religion in the world. We’ll look at the five countries that are home to the most Buddhists in this blog post.

Most populated Buddhist countries in the world


With roughly 244 million Buddhists, China is the greatest Buddhist country in the world. China is also on a list of the Most Populated Countries in the world. In the first century AD, Buddhism was imported to China, where it has since merged into the national culture and identity. Mahayana, Theravada, and Tibetan Buddhism are all present in modern Chinese Buddhism. Five acknowledged religious organisations are recognised by the Chinese government, including the Buddhist Association of China, which is in charge of supervising Buddhist activities across the country.


With over 90 million Buddhists, Japan ranks second among all Buddhist-majority countries. Japan is also in a list of most powerful countries in the world. Since its arrival in Japan in the sixth century AD, Buddhism has played a vital influence in creating the nation’s culture and identity. Including Mahayana, Zen, and Pure Land Buddhism, contemporary Japanese Buddhism is a synthesis of many diverse traditions. In modern Japan, Buddhism and Shintoism coexist, and many Japanese subscribe to both.


With roughly 64 million Buddhists, Thailand ranks third among all Buddhist-majority countries. In the third century BC, Buddhism was imported to Thailand, where it has since grown to be an important component of its history and culture. Theravada and animist beliefs are integrated into contemporary Thai Buddhism. The Sangha, or a society of Buddhist monks, has a considerable effect on Thai culture and is acknowledged by the Thai government as the official religion.


With more than 55 million Buddhists, Myanmar ranks fourth among all Buddhist-majority countries. Buddhism was imported to Myanmar in the third century BC, and it has since taken over as the country’s dominant religion. Since Theravada Buddhism predominates in Myanmar today, the Sangha has a substantial effect on the country’s politics, society, and culture. The status of Buddhism in Myanmar has been a matter of dispute in recent years, owing to the country’s political instability.

Sri Lanka

With over 15 million Buddhists, Sri Lanka is the fifth-largest country in the world for this religious community. In the third century BC, Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka, where it has since grown to be a major religion. Currently, Theravada Buddhism makes up the majority of the population in Sri Lanka, and the Sangha is essential to the country’s culture. Buddhist temples and monasteries comprise a substantial component of Sri Lanka’s cultural landscape, and Buddhism is acknowledged by the government as the official religion of the country.

Most Populated Buddhist Countries
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Most populated Buddhist countries in the world FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What two countries have the largest Buddhist population in the world?
Answer: China and Japan are two most Buddhist populated countries in the world.

Question 2: Is Japan Buddhist Country?
Answer: Yes, Japan is Buddhist Country. More than 90 million Buddhists are in the Japanese population.

Question 3: What Religion is China Mostly?
Answer: China has the world’s largest Buddhist population, with an estimated 185–250 million practitioners.