Free PM Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of the Nation, launched the Solar Rooftop Scheme 2024. Benefits for reducing electricity bills are provided by this scheme to those who fall into the low category or have precarious financial conditions. Under this plan, they receive free energy from solar panels that are installed on their rooftops. It is … Read more

April 2024 Important Days

There are significant days and dates in every month that are significant both domestically and globally. These days are observed in remembrance of important events that happened on certain specific days. To be informed about the events that occurred, people should be aware of all the significant days and dates of April in 2024. This … Read more

March 2024 Important Days

Every month has significant days and occasions, some of which are commemorated with a specific theme. Certain events commemorate previous sacrifices while also raising awareness. Here is a quick overview of significant occasions that can help you prepare for impending competitive exams and improve your general knowledge. A list of significant days and dates of … Read more

February Important Days 2024

February is a month of national and international days in India. These days preserve cultural, social, and historical importance and are celebrated to raise consciousness about numerous problems. Below I have listed out all the important days of February. Date  Name of Important Days Days  Occasion 01-Feb Indian Coast Guard Day Thursday Celebration 02-Feb World … Read more

January Important Days 2024

January is often considered a cold and dreary month, but it is filled with special days that hold great significance. In thi post, I will give the details of all the important days of January 2024. Date  Name of Important Days Days  Occasion 1-Jan Happy New Year Monday Celebration 1-Jan Global Family Day Monday Celebration … Read more

List of Most Powerful Countries in the World 2024

All countries have their own reputation. Each country can be individually powerful in its own way. Some countries might be powerful in power, some could be energy and some could be military forces. However, some countries got enough recognition as the overall most powerful countries in the World. These countries have been leaders in terms … Read more

Top Countries with Most Gold Reserves

Gold, frequently referred to as the “king of metals,” has held a distinct function in the world’s economics for ages. One of the most essential applications of gold is as a reserve asset maintained by central banks globally. These reserves function as a protection for a country’s currency and play a crucial role in fighting … Read more

Europe Country List with Capitals 2024

Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world after Oceania. A total of 50 counties live in Europe continent. The more powerful countries in Europe are Russia, France, Germany, Turkey etc. We have shown all the European countries with the capitals, Areas and Populations. # Country Population (2024) Capital 1 Albania 2,811,666 Tirana 2 Andorra … Read more

Asian Country List with Capitals

Asia is the world’s largest continent in the world by both area and population. Asia continent is known for its diversification and religious activities. A total of 48 countries live in the Asia continent. Through the below table, we have shown the list of all Asian Countries with Capital. # Country Population (2023) Capital 1 … Read more