Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM)

Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM) is a government plan to eliminate poverty and assist the rural poor by enhancing their career chances and social involvement. The purpose of this blog is to tell you about the advantages of MPSRLM and how you may join and enjoy them.


Benefits of Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM)

MPSRLM offers many benefits to the rural poor families who join its connected SHGs and federations. SHGs stand for Self-Help Groups. These are small, informal groups of individuals, typically from similar socio-economic backgrounds, who come together to address common goals.

Perks of Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM) are:

  • Access to financial, technical and marketing services: MPSRLM helps the SHGs and federations to get loans, savings, insurance, and pension services. It also helps them in different economic activities, such as farming, animal care, and small companies. It helps them to connect with markets and buyers, and to improve their quality and branding.
  • Capacity and skill building for useful and sustainable livelihoods: MPSRLM teaches and exposes the SHG and union members to various skills and information that can improve their income and job chances. It also helps them to broaden and improve their living.
  • Inclusive performance of social and economic support services: MPSRLM ensures that the SHG and union members can access various social and economic rights, such as health, schooling, food, housing, and social security. It also helps them to join in neighborhood government and decision-making.
  • Empowerment and voice for the poor: MPSRLM enables the SHG and union members to defend their rights and interests, and to voice their problems and requests. It also promotes their group personality and unity.

Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM) has had amazing success in terms of organising and strengthening the rural poor. Some of the figures are:

  • Over 1.2 crore families have been organised into more than 10 lakh SHGs and 60 thousand federations.
  • Over Rs. 6000 crore of loans and Rs. 2000 crore of savings have been collected by the SHGs and federations.
  • Over 2 lakh kids have been taught and put in work or self-employment.
  • Over 80 lakh social and economic benefits have been claimed by the SHG and union members.

How to receive the benefits of MPSRLM

If you are a rural poor family and want to join Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM), you need to follow these steps:

  • Check your status as per the BPL / SECC / PIP lists or join in the PIP process performed by MPSRLM.
  • Form or join an SHG in your village and follow its norms and rules, such as regular meetings, saves, and inter-loaning.
  • Participate in the character-building and economic events planned by the SHG and union, such as training, exposure, planning, and execution.

To receive the profits of Madhya Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission (MPSRLM), you should also:

  • Be engaged and aware of the possibilities and services offered by MPSRLM, such as loans, expert help, and market connections.
  • Be helpful and encouraging the fellow SHG and union members, and share your experiences and learnings with them.
  • Be responsible and open in the financial and social dealings of the SHG and union, and keep proper records and papers.
  • Be creative and entrepreneurial in discovering and seeking economic choices, and expand and improve your income sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to get benefits of MPSRLM programs?
– Every person who is below poverty line. You can check your eligibility as per the BPL / SECC / PIP lists.

Are there specific provisions for women’s empowerment under MPSRLM?
– No

Where can I get the latest updates and announcements regarding MPSRLM?
– You can check on this website . Also, you can check our website for on-time updates.

What is the role of SHGs in the MPSRLM?
– Self Help Groups (SHGs) are the backbone of this programm.