English to Punjabi Typing Online

English to Punjabi Typing Online

Many Punjabis face difficulties in typing Punjabi fonts on an English QWERTY keyboard, and this English to Punjabi online typing tool is developed to ease the effort of Punjabi typing. This is a free online typing tool and very safe to type your essential documents.

It is a browser-based user-friendly tool; you just need to write a Punjabi word using the English alphabet in the textbox and press the spacebar on your computer or touch the enter button on your mobile. It will be automatically translated into Punjabi font within a moment. This English to Punjabi keyboard is powered by Google Input Method (IME), which includes a set of editors to translate the language in proper form.

You can copy and paste the Punjabi text you entered from the textbox and paste it into a document for further use. Unlike typical Punjabi keyboards, MPSRLM is a very user-friendly typing tool and provides an internet connection. There is no need for any prior training to use it.

English to Punjabi Typing Tool

This English to Punjabi converter also contains language rules and vocabulary of Panjabi, and it will alert with the right option for a spelling or grammatical error. Once you pick the right word, you will have a perfect Punjabi script. It is not a cloud-based application, and the data you type is secured, as it is only visible on your screen, so you can type your feelings without any hesitation.

This English to Punjabi online typing tool is responsive to every type of device like a computer or mobile phone, and the operating method is almost the same. Only on mobile phones, press the enter button after typing, and on computers, you can press the space or enter button to see the output in the textbox.

How to Type in the Punjabi Language using Typing Tool

This online typing tool makes typing the Punjabi fonts very simple and easy. First, open a web browser and search in Google, English to Punjabi typing tool, then select MPSRLM free typing tool from the options. Once you open the textbox, start typing Punjabi words using the English letter and press enter or space button. The textbox will reflect the words in Punjabi scripts.

1. Computer users type Punjabi words on the English keyboard and press the enter button or the space bar.

2. Mobile phone users, type Panjabi language in the textbox following the same way and press the enter button.

3. Once you get the Punjabi script you wanted to type in the textbox, you can copy this and paste it into a doc file or message portal for further use.

About the Punjabi Language

Punjabi is a popular Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 11.3 crore people across the planet. The traditional Punjabi keyboard is pretty complex as it has four different writing systems. Those are Gurmukhī (in India), Shāhmukhī (in Pakistan), Takri (historical), Punjabi Braille Laṇḍā (historical), and Mahajani (historical). It is the native language of the Indian state of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Islamabad in Pakistan.

English to Punjabi Typing FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How can I use this English to Punjabi keyboard without any prior training?
Answer – This MPSRLM English to Punjabi converter is a simple tool. You only need to enter the Punjabi language using the English letters and press the enter button or space bar, and it will automatically get converted.

Question 2: Is it safe to type essential personal data on web browsers?
Answer – Yes, MPSRLM Typing Tool doesn’t upload any user data or documents to the server. Therefore, it is entirely safe to type your personal documents.

Question 3: How does this English to Punjabi typing tool function?
Answer – This typing tool automatically converts the scripts using Google Input Method (IME).