English to Kannada Typing Online

English to Kannada Typing Online

Kannada typing using the English QWERTY keyboard becomes very simple using this English to Kannada online typing tool. Type your script in the textbox above using English letters and see it will automatically get converted into Kannada font.

This online typing tool is powered by the Google Input Method (IME), which involves a set of editors to convert the font while keeping proper form. This English-to-Kannada Keyboard is very user-friendly, and no training is required to use this tool for Kannada writing. Only enter the Kannada language in English letters and press the enter button or space bar, and the text you entered will be displayed in Kannada font.

This is a free English to Kannada converter tool, and anyone having a stable internet connection can use it for Kannada writing. This typing tool will surely ease your effort and save your time in using the complex Kannada keyboard, as it is pretty easy to type on.

English to Kannada Typing Tool

In case of grammatical or spelling errors in Kannada typing, the textbox will notify you about the right words, and you can use them accordingly. It is a responsive tool for any type of devices like computers, tabs, or mobile phones. The computer users need to press the enter button or space bar after typing, and the text will automatically be converted into Kannada font. The mobile users can use this English to Kannada online typing tool to input the Kannada language in English letters the same way and press the enter button to get the Kannada script.

You can now express your feeling and emotion in the Kannada language with this free and user-friendly typing tool to your dearest and nearest one.

How to Type in the Kannada Language using Typing Tool

Typing on a complex Kannada keyboard is pretty hectic, and prior training is required to use the dedicated keyboards, while this MPSRLM Typing Tool is very user-friendly and simple to use. Open a browser on your desktop and search in Google for English to Kannada typing tool for seamless typing. It is the fastest tool for typing the Kannada script without practice. Only you need to type the Kannada words using the English alphabet to get the Kannada font. Above all, this free keyboard is developed to ease the effort of Kannada typing on computers or mobile phones.

1. Open this typing website in a web browser on your computer and enter the Kannada language in the English alphabet. Once you have finished typing, press the enter button or space bar, and the text in the textbox will automatically reflect in the Kannada language.

2. Mobile users should press the enter button after entering the text the same way in this English to Kannada converter, same as the computer users, to get the desired result.

3. You can use the Kannada script in any document or notes to share with your friend and family. Only you need to copy and paste the text from the above textbox.

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About the Kannada Language

Kannada is one of the Dravidian languages spoken widely in South India, especially in the state of Karnataka. This language originated in 1300 CE and is now spoken by more than 4.3 crore people around the world. Also, there are about fifty-five letters in the Kannada language, which makes the traditional Kannada keyboard much more complex than English.

English to Kannada Typing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Is it safe to type my personal feelings in an online typing tool?
Answer – It is totally safe. This software doesn’t save any data on the server as we respect your privacy. Only the text is displayed on the monitor or mobile phone.

Question 2: What is the Technology that is used in this English to Kannada keyboard?
Answer – Google Input Method or Google IME is the Technology that powers this tool.

Question 3: Is this online typing tool absolutely free?
Answer – Yes, this converter tool is free for unlimited usage.