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Unicode to Kruti Dev Font Converter
Type or Paste Unicode script in the textbox below and click on the red button “Convert to Krutidev.” The text will automatically get converted into the Krutidev font. It’s a very simple process, and anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily convert Unicode To Kruti Dev font with this simple online tool.

Typing on the Krutidev keyboard is a bit complicated, and this converter will ease your effort. Now you can type in Unicode and convert it into Krutidev font easily. This user-friendly tool is free and responsive to any device. You can use it on modern devices, like computers, tablets, and mobile phones, as per your preference.

Unicode to Kruti Dev Font Convertor Online

Krutidev font is developed from Devanagari letters and characters, and it is mostly used for official purposes in the government and private sectors. It is not by default visible on digital devices, and you need to download the Krutidev font to view it on your computer or mobile phone.

At the same time, Unicode font is by default supported in most computers, android phones, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, etc., which makes it the most popular choice for Hindi typing. This online Unicode (Mangal) To Kruti Dev converter will help you convert your Unicode script into Krutidev font easily.

How to Convert Unicode to Kruti Dev Font using Font Converter Tool

As we have mentioned above, this Unicode to Kruti Dev converter is very easy to use, you need to paste Unicode text in the textbox and then click on the “Convert to Krutidev” button below the textbox, and your text will be automatically converted into Krutidev font. We will emphasize the process below for ease of understanding.

1. Type or copy & paste your Unicode font into the textbox.

2. Click on the red “Convert to Kruti Dev” button below the textbox.

3. The Unicode fonts you entered will get converted immediately into the Kruti Dev script.

4. You can copy the converted text to paste it into your required document for further use.

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Most Used Hindi Font

More than 50 Hindi fonts are accessible in India, and among them, KrutiDev and Unicode fonts are the most famous and widely used across the country. Krutidev font is mandatory in most government and private offices, while Mangal Unicode is the most device-friendly Hindi font and has the maximum number of users.

What is Unicode Fonts?

Unicode is an international standard for the character encoding computing industry that creates a unique number for every letter and character across different languages to make the characters accessible from any device, platform, and program. This Unicode script is developed from Devanagari letters and characters. Across the Hindi-speaking states in India, Unicode font is widely used in social media posts, websites, web pages, Hindi blogs, etc., and for official purposes.

What is Kruti Dev Fonts?

Krutidev font reflects the Devanagari typeface, and Remington (Typewriter) Hindi keyboard is required to type this Hindi font on your computer or mobile device. Also, Krutidev font is not by default available on the devices, and you need Krutidev font on your computer or mobile phone to view the text. Krutidev font is used in many examinations conducted by the Public Service Commissions, like exams for the clerical, stenographer, or data entry operator’s positions.

Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Is it safe to convert essential documents on the website?
Answer – We value the privacy of our users and don’t upload any user data to the cloud server. The text you entered is only visible on your display screen.

Question 2 : Is it free to use this Unicode to Krutidev converter?
Answer – Yes, this is a free online tool, and you can convert Unicode To Kruti Dev font and Mangal to Kruti Dev by typing or pasting it in the textbox above and clicking on the “Convert to Kruti Dev” button.

Question 3 : Country of Origin of this converting software?
Answer – This Unicode to Kruti Dev converter is a Made in India product.