Keyboard Layout for Hindi Typing

This Hindi keyboard layout will help you to input Hindi letters and characters on computers or mobile phones. Multiple Hindi typing keyboard layouts are available for typing different Hindi fonts, such as Krutidev or Devlys font and Mangal font, both physically and virtually. The basic layout of these Hindi keyboards is the same as the English QWERTY keyboard, while the keys reflect Hindi characters and letters.

Typing Hindi on this online Keyboard is simple. The user needs to press the shift button for the letters mentioned on the keys. If you want to type Krutidev or Devlys font, the Remington Typewriter Hindi keyboard will be perfect. For typing Mangal font on your computer or mobile phone, you need to use Remington GAIL or Remington CBI Hindi Keyboard.

Hindi Keyboard Remington (Typewriter) Layout for Kurti Dev and Devlys Font

Kruti Dev Font Keyword Layout

The name Remington (Typewriter) Hindi keyboard comes from the old Remington typewriters, and the formation of keys is the same as the famous typewriter widely used from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. This is the most frequently used Hindi Keyboard Layout for Typing Krutidev or Devlys scripts and is very popular in Indian Hindi-speaking regions. This Keyboard was launched in this country by the Remington Company to ease the effort of Hindi typing without using the English alphabet. Nowadays, Remington (Typewriter) Hindi Keyboard Layout is used to test the skill of Hindi typing in many government and private exams.

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Hindi Keyboard Inscript Layout for Mangal Unicode Font

Mangal Unicode Font Keyboard Laoyt

Inscript (abbreviation of Indian script) keyboard is India’s most user-friendly and widely used keyboard layout. Almost all Indian languages can be typed using this Inscript keyboard layout, and that made it very popular among users. Typing Mangal Unicode Font in the Inscript Hindi keyboard is very simple; only you need to enter Hindi words using the English letters. Offices like newspapers, record-keeping, courts, and clerical houses use this Inscript Hindi keyboard layout for its simplicity. Also, the Inscript keyboard layout is used in several exams like SSC and data entry jobs.

Keyboard Layout for Hindi Typing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Name the most used Keyboards for Hindi Typing.
Answer: Remington Typewriter, Remington GAIL, Remington CBI, and Inscript are the most used Keyboard Layouts for Hindi Typing.

Question 2: What are the most used fonts in Hindi Typing?
Answer: The most used fonts are Krutidev or Devlys and Mangal, and both these fonts are widely used in government and private sectors.

Question 3: How safe is typing Hindi using this online Hindi keyboard layout?
Answer: This MPSRLM online Hindi typing keyboard doesn’t upload any user data to the cloud server, so it’s entirely safe and secure to type personal Hindi scripts.