Hindi Typing Test Online, Font Converter, Keyboard Layout, Mangal and Kruti Dev Fonts

The majority of Indian states operate their work in the Hindi Language, even the central government’s official language is Hindi. If the function of the work is operated in the Hindi language then the requirement for typing specialist will be automatically increased. To fulfill the manpower requirement, the Government launches various jobs in which candidates should have proper knowledge of Hindi Typing. For the candidates who are preparing for the government job, it’s compulsory to have Hindi Typing Test Skills to boost their chances to get selected.

Hindi Typing Test Online

The learning for the Hindi Typing Test is not very critical. You can learn very easily with the top online tools. There is no shortcut. You should focus on your practice. If you do more practice then the chances of learning this skill will increase. See the below table for some important terms which need to remember.

WPM Word Per Minute
CPM Character Per Minute
Accuracy Accuracy is the percentages of GWPM and NWPM
GWPM Gross Word Per Minute
NWPM Net Word Per Minute

Most Used Hindi Font in Government Jobs 2022

There are more than 50 Hindi Fonts available in India. The most famous fonts are the kruti dev and mangal fonts. These two are probably the most used fonts in India. These are the most used fonts in Government and Private Jobs.

Hindi Keyboard Layout for Mangal and Kruti Dev Font

There are multiple Hindi Keyboard layout options available to use. The uses of these keyboards depend upon the requirement of which Hindi fonts are used. Suppose we work on kruti dev font then the requirement of the keyboard will be Remington layout. On the other hand, if someone wants to work on Mangal font then they must have either Remington GAIL or Remington CBI keyboard layout.

Hindi Keyboard Remington (Typewriter) Layout for Kurti Dev and Delvys Font

Remington (Typewriter) Layout is the most famous Hindi Keyboard frequently used in Devanagiri Script. This keyboard is considered the most standard layout for Hindi typing. Remington also known as Typewriter is the layout used for Kurti Dev and Delvys Font Typing. Typewriter Layout is India’s most famous Hindi Typing Keyboard launched by Remington company. There are many government exams like Informatics assistant, court clerk, Personal assistant, etc require Remington (Typewriter) Keyboard Layout for Hindi Typing.

Hindi Keyboard Inscript Layout for Mangal Unicode Font

Inscript keyboard layout is used for Mangal or Unicode font typing. The Government of India standardized this layout most for use in the Indian regional language. This keyboard layout is majority used by Hindi journalists. They use this keyboard for typing in Hindi online on their blogs and website. Despite so much hype and government support, this layout is not famous among all government employees. Still, they are using the Remington layout for their official work. However Inscript keyboard layout is still used in SSC and some other private data entry Jobs.

Learn Hindi Typing Test Online in Kruti Dev Font

Every aspirant who is preparing for the Government Jobs must know the Hindi typing test in Kruti Dev Font. This is a compulsory test for all major government and private jobs. Hindi Typing test is a little bit more complex than English Typing Test. Without practice, it would be difficult to get a good score in the government exam. Below is the process of learning the Hindi Typing Test in KrutiDev Font.

1. Go to Software or Website

2. Enter Your Name

3. Select the Time Duration

4. Select Passage

5. Start Test

Learn Hindi Typing Test Online in Mangal Unicode Font

Many government jobs conduct their exam for Hindi Typing in Mangal Unicode Font. Candidate should learn Hindi Typing Test Online in Mangal Unicode Font. You can use Inscript Keyword Layout for this typing.

Tips for Boost Typing Speed to get Good Score in Exams

1. Your concentration level should be high while typing.

2. Your Eyes should be on the computer screen.

3. Your finger should be properly placed on the keyboard

4. Type without seeing the keyboard. It will save you time.

5. Read the complete sentence and do start typing.

6.Use keyboard short key to type more in less time.

7. Practice Again and Again

Importance of Hindi Typing Test: Demanding skills for Government Jobs

Hindi is the most speakable language in India. Nowadays, the uses of the Hindi language increasing very fast on desktop and mobile. If you wish to work in the Hindi language on the computer then you need to be able to type fast without mistake. Through top online tools, users can correctly learn the Hindi Typing Test.

Requirements of Hindi Typing Test in Government and Private Jobs

The scope of the Hindi typing test is very vast. In the many central government jobs, the requirements of the Hindi typing Test are mandatory. Apart from the central government, many state governments are offering compulsory Hindi Typing Tests in their jobs. In private jobs related to Hindi Typing work, the requirement of Hindi Typing skills emerges. The private jobs could be like DTP, Data Entry, Computer Operator and News Papers, etc.
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Hindi Font Converter Online

There are multiple online tools available where you can convert Hindi Font easily. The candidate should also learn How to convert Hindi fonts online. Majorly two types of converters uses in Hindi Typing.
1. Kruti Dev to Font Covertor
2. Mangal to Kruti Dev Font Convertor

Hindi Font Converter – Kruti Dev to Mangal Font (Unicode)

Kruti Dev to Mangal Font Converter is the most demanding tool that you need to learn. There are many tools available online for converting Hindi Fonts. This is very simple. Just copy-paste the Kruti Dev Font in the box and click on the convert button. It will automatically convert all the kruti dev font into Mangal Unicode. These tools are completely free. You can convert unlimited font conversion. Font converter is very useful for the employees who work on software. They can easily convert Kruti Dev to Mangal Font.

Hindi Font Convertor – Mangal to Kruti Dev Font Convertor

You can easily convert Mangal to Kruti Dev Font. The same process will be applied as we did for the kruti dev to mangal font convertor. Mangal to Kruti Dev Font Convertor is used in official work or the desktop which only supports Mangal and Kruti Dev Font. This font convert is very helpful for the employees who find the difficult other font or their system do not support all font type.

Shortcut Keys:

Character Code Example
Alt + 0161 साँप , आँख
ख्र Alt + 0163 फख्र
्र Alt + 0170 ड्राइवर, ट्रक
त्र्‍ Alt + 0171 त्र्यंश
फ्‍ Alt + 0182 हफ्ता
य्‍ Alt + 0184 भैय्या
( Alt + 0188 Open Parenthesis
) Alt + 0189 Close Parenthesis
Alt + 0197 ऊन
द्य Alt + 0204 विद्यालय
ट्ट Alt + 0205 भट्टी , खट्टा
ट्ठ Alt + 0206 लट्ठ , गट्ठर
ड्ड Alt + 0207 हड्डी , लड्डू
कृ Alt + 0209 कृपा
ड्ढ Alt + 0212 गड्ढा
क्र Alt + 0216 क्रमांक
त्त्‍ Alt + 0217 पत्ता , कुत्ता
फ्र Alt + 0221 फ्रिज
ह्न Alt + 0224 चिह्न
ह्य Alt + 0225 बाह्य वस्तु
ह्र Alt + 0226 ह्रदय
ह्म Alt + 0227 ब्राह्मण
क्त Alt + 0228 भक्ति , शक्ति
द्र Alt + 0230 दरिद्र
न्न Alt + 0233 भिन्न , संपन्न
स्त्र Alt + 0243 सहस्त्र

Most Important note for students preparing for government jobs Typing Test Exams

1. In most government exam DevLys010 and KrutiDev font is used.

2. Remington also known as Typewriter is the Keyword layout used for Kurti Dev and Delvys Font Hindi Typing.

3. Many government exams require Remington (Typewriter) Keyboard Layout for Hindi Typing.

4. If you want to boost your typing speed then you must need to have patience, principle, and consistency.

5. If you have the willingness to boost typing speed with accuracy then you should practice the typing test without looking at the keyword.

6. Don’t need to remember the keyboard layout, It would not help to boost the typing speed.

7. Your nails should not be larger. Large nails can disturb your typing speed.

8. Be calm and make your concentration level high. In that practice, your typing speed will improve.

9. Practice as much as you can but should need to maintain accuracy.

10. Accuracy should be your first priority and comes with typing speed. Don’t compromise accuracy with the typing speed.

11. One more thing you should remember is that a good keyboard also can help to boost your typing speed. You should have a good quality of keyboard for the practice.

Hindi Typing Test FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What is the Hindi Typing Test?
Answer: Hindi typing test is the tool to check the candidate’s typing speed in WMP.

Question 2: What is the full form of WMP in Typing?
Answer: WMP stands for Words Per Minute in Typing Speed.

Question 3: What are the most used fonts in Hindi Typing?
Answer: The most used fonts are Kruti Dev and Mangal Font.

Question 4: What are the most used Keyboard for Hindi Typing?
Answer: Remington and Inscript are the most used Keyboard Layout in Hindi Typing.

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