English to Persian Typing Online

English to Persian Typing Online

Typing Persian or Farsi language on computers or mobile phones has never been easy unless you know how to use the Persian keyboard. We have developed this English to Persian online typing tool to ease the effort. This is a free tool, and you can type Persian language using English letters and press the space or enter button to get it converted into Persian font.

MPSRLM is a browser-based typing tool. Users don’t have to download this software on a computer or mobile phone, so it doesn’t upload any of the data you type in the cloud and is very secure to use. Also, as we have mentioned, operating this English to Persian keyboard is very easy, and anyone can type in it without technical knowledge.

English to Persian Typing Tool

This online typing tool functions using Google IME or Google Input Method, which is a set of input method editors for the different local languages developed by Google.

This English-to-Persian converter is very user-friendly. You can seamlessly use it with basic computer knowledge. Any spelling or grammatical error will be automatically rectified during this conversion, or the text box will show you the right spelling. You will have a perfect Persian script without error.

Suppose you are typing on your mobile and press the enter button once you have finished typing. The tool will reflect the same output on desktops and laptops once you press the space & enter button.

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How to Type in the Persian Language using Typing Tool?

This online English to Persian typing tool makes typing the Persian font in English QWERTY keyboards very simple and easy. This browser-based tool provides the fastest method of typing the Persian language, and the catch is that it is a free tool! The Persian keyboards are quite complex, so the user should have the proper training before typing on them, while the MPSRLM typing tool can be used by anyone on computers or mobile phones by following these methods.

1. Open MPSRLM in any web browser on your computer, then enter the Persian script using the English alphabet and press the spacebar or enter button.

2. Mobile users should enter the text in this English to Persian keyboard the same way as computer users and press the enter button to see the output in Persian font in the text box.

3. The Persian text can be used in any interface on your computer or mobile, and you can share this with your friends and relatives.

About the Persian Language

Persian or Farsi belongs to the Indo-European language family, specifically to the Iranian stem of the Indo-Iranian subdivision. More than 11 crore people speak the Persian language for their regular use. It is widely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

English to Persian Typing FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How safe is this typing tool to type essential data & documents on the webpage?
Answer – Your essential data is totally safe, as this tool doesn’t save any user data on the server. Only the script is displayed on your computer monitor or mobile screen.

Question 2: Which technology empowers this English to Persian converter?
Answer – This online converter tool works on the Google Input API Services.

Question 3: Which country is the origin of this typing software?
Answer – This website, MPSRLM, is a ‘Made in India’ product.