English to Nepali Typing Online

English to Nepali Typing Online

A user-friendly typing tool will make Nepali typing on an English keyboard really easy, and here you can experience the same. This English to Nepali online typing tool will ease your effort to type Nepali script using the keyboard of your desktop or mobile phone.

This free online typing tool functions on the Google Input Method (IME), which involves a set of editors to convert the language into proper form. This English to Nepali keyboard is very easy to use. Only you need to type Nepali language using the English alphabet, which will automatically convert into Nepali script without additional effort.

English to Nepali Typing Online Tool

The simplicity and elegance of this English to Nepali converter provide the best typing experience. You only require a mobile phone or computer with a stable internet connection.

As we have mentioned, both mobile and computer users can use this converter tool; mobile users need to press the enter button after typing the text. On a computer, the space button will function for the same. Once you press enter or space button, the text will automatically get converted into the Nepali language.

This Nepali Typing Software has a preloaded Nepali dictionary that will alert you if you commit a grammatical error. Also, the text box will show the correct word for spelling errors, so you can use it in your script. Suppose you need to type the Nepali language for your job purpose or want to express your feeling to your nearest ones. In that case, this English to Nepali online typing tool will surely help you.

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How to Type in the Nepali Language using Typing Tool

The Nepali keyboards are pretty complex as the Nepali language has 64 alphabet and other details, so using the keyboard for Nepali typing could be very hectic and time-consuming. The ‘MPSRLM Typing Tool’ is developed to ease the effort of Nepali typing. You only need to type the Nepali words using English letters to get the Nepali script. It is the fastest tool for typing Nepali scripture without practice, and the catch is it is a free tool. The users can convert their text many times.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and search in Google, English to Nepali typing tool. Open it to type Nepali language using the English keyboard and press the space bar.
  2. Mobile users should enter the Nepali text the same way on an English keyboard and press the enter button to see the output in the Nepali script.
  3. You can copy the text you typed using this online English to Nepali converter and paste it into a word document to use further.

About the Nepali Language

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language that belongs to the sub-branch of Eastern Pahari. It is spoken by more than 160 lakh people worldwide, mainly the Gurkha and Khasis. Nepali is the official language of Nepal and one of the 22 Indian scheduled languages. The writing script of Nepali is Devanagari, Bhujimol script, and Devanagari Braille.

English to Nepali Typing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Is sharing my data with an online typing tool safe?
Answer – Yes, it is safe. We respect the user’s privacy and don’t save any data on the server. Only it is visible on your monitor.

Question 2: Which Technology is used in this English2Nepali keyboard?
Answer – This online typing tool works on the Google Input Method or Google IME.

Question 3 : Which country is the origin of the website?
Answer – This is an Indian website.

Question 3 : Can we use this tool for English to Nepali Translation?
Answer – For English to Nepali Translation we need to go another page which is in translator category.