English to Malayalam Typing Online

English to Malayalam Typing Online

This is an easy-to-use Malayalam typing software. You can type in Malayalam font using the English QWERTY Keyboard in the textbox above. This is a very simple tool, and anyone with Basic English typing knowledge can make use of this. You will type english in the textbox above will automatically convert it into Malayalam.

This English to Malayalam Online Typing tool is available for free, and anyone with a stable internet connection can use this from any corner of the planet. Also, this tool is responsive to every modern device, so you can use it on your mobile phone or computer. Mobile phone users, after finishing the word, need to press the enter button, and desktop users can press both the Enter button or Space bar to see the word automatically get converted in Malayalam.

English to Malayalam Typing Tool

This online English to Malayalam converter functions on the Google Input Method (IME) that features a set of preloaded input methods in the Google editors of Malayalam to check for any typing or spelling errors. So with this typing tool, you can avoid any spelling mistakes or syntax errors. The textbox above will suggest the correct spelling and format. So finally, you will get an error-free Malayalam script.

Once it is efficient and free, the next thing that comes to mind is security! This MPSRLM English to Malayalam online typing tool is 100% secured, and no user data is uploaded to the server or cloud. The text is only visible on the screen of the device you use. Once you cut the text to paste it on a document or any other place, it gets deleted from our end.

So this is a free tool and very secure, so why wait any longer? Start typing in Malayalam fonts and send it to the people who will love to see this or get surprised once receiving the script and make cherished memories.

How to Type in the Malayalam Language using Typing Tool

Typing Malayalam language using traditional Malayalam keyboards is pretty hectic, while typing Malayalam font on this English keyboard is easy and simple. Anyone can use this online converter, search in Google for online English to Malayalam typing tool, and this MPSRLM online language converter tool will aid you in typing Malayalam text using English letters. As we have mentioned earlier, you need to type the English words on your QWERTY keyboard to see the text automatically converted into the Malayalam immediately.

1. On your desktop, enter the English using the English alphabet and then press the enter button or space bar.

2. On mobile phones, enter text the same way as computer users using this English to Malayalam keyboard and press the enter button to convert the word in the text box into Malayalam font.

3. The Malayalam text (in the textbox above) can be copied to paste into any documents or other places for further usage, like you may share this with your family & friends.

About the Malayalam Language

Malayalam belongs to the southern group of Dravidian languages, which originated in approximately 830 AD, and now around 3.6 crores of people speak Malayalam. It is the official language of Kerala, Pondicherry, and Lakshadweep. The Malayalam alphabet has 15 vowels and 42 consonants, which makes the Malayalam keyboard pretty complex, and users should have the proper knowledge to type in it.

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English to Malayalam Typing FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Can I operate the English to Malayalam keyboard without any training?
Answer – MPSRLM Typing Tool makes English to Malayalam typing very simple. Only type Malayalam words on your keyboard and press Enter or space button, and the Malayalam font will be displayed in the textbox above.

Question 2: How does this online typing tool operate?
Answer – This online typing tool converts English into Malayalam font using the Google Input Method or Google IME.

Question 3: Typing my personal data on this online converter safe?
Answer – This Typing Tool doesn’t upload user data to the server, and the text will only reflect on your mobile phone or computer screen. It is extremely secure.