E-Shram Registration Portal, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents and Multiple Benefits

The Government of India has launched a new portal which name is e-shram portal for the unorganized shramik in India. The government has started this portal to make data of laborers who work in the unorganized sector. The objective of this portal is to give proper welfare to the workers who lived in India.

Complete Overview for E-SHRAM Portal 2022

E-Shram portal (eshram.gov.in) was launched by the Ministry of Labour & Employment Department on 26th August 2021. The purpose was to make a national database of unorganized workers. The unorganized sectors such as construction workers, migrant workers, agriculture workers, street workers, etc. As per the government’s latest tweet, almost 20 crore registration has been done so far.

Department Name Ministry of Labour & Employment
Government Name Government of India
Launched By Narendra Modi
Portal Name E-Shram Portal
Card Name E-Shram Card
Beneficiary Unorganized Workers
Level National Level
Category Government Scheme
Registration Process Online
Validity of E-Shram Card Lifetime
Place Pan India
Application Status Active
Portal Objective Collect data of Unorganized Workers
Official website https://eshram.gov.in/

E-Shram Portal Important Dates 2022

Through the below table we will see some important dates for the e-SHRAM card self-registration online.

E-Shram Portal Launched Date 26th August 2021
E-Shram Registration Start Date 28th August 2021
Last Date to Apply Online Not Decided Yet
E-Shram Application Fee Zero

Eligibility Criteria to Apply Online for e-SHRAM Card

To apply for e-SHRAM Card, candidates are advised to follow certain Eligibility Criteria provided by the Ministry of Labour & Employment India.

  1. Candidates must have Permanent Indian Citizenship.
  2. Candidates must have an Aadhar Card issued by the Government of India.
  3. If you are paying the income tax then you will be not able to get an e-SHRAM Card.
  4. The candidate’s age must be between 16 -60 years.
  5. The Registration Fee for the application is free. You can get an e-SHRAM card free of cost.
  6. Use only the official website (https://eshram.gov.in/) to apply for e-shram card yojana.
  7. Candidate must have Aadhar Card linked mobile number.
  8. Candidates must have a Bank Account in any nationalized bank.
  9. The Job of Candidates should be in the unorganized sector.
  10. The Candidates should not have any association from another Goverment scheme or should not have members of EPF, ESIC, NPS etc.

Required Documents for E-Shramik Card Registration

As per the government report, almost 30 crores of laborers are working in the unorganized sector. For self-registration, candidates should have some proper documents. Below is the documents list which is required for e shramik card registration.

  1. Mobile Number linked with Aadhar Card
  2. Aadhar Number
  3. Bank Account 
  4. IFSC Code
  5. Permanent Adress
  6. Education Qualification Details
  7. Skill and Experience Details
  8. Family Member Details
  9. Occupation

Self Registration Process for E-Shramik Card Scheme 2022

The government has decided that all the applications will be received only through online mode. There is no scope of offie mode. Candidates can register by themselves for an e-shram card. For the registration, candidates are advised to go through the official website of e-shram Portal which is eshram.gov.in. Mentioned below are the steps for registering e-shramik card. 

  1. Go through the official website https://eshram.gov.in/
  2. Click on the “REGISTER on e-Shram” button.
  3. Put your Aadhar linked mobile number and fill the Captcha details. After this click on the “Send OTP” button.
  4. In the next step, you will receive an OTP. After entering an OTP click on the “Submit” button.
  5. On the other side, you will need to fill your Aadhar number and Recaptcha. Tick the checkbox and click on the Submit button. Make sure you have selected the OTP option.
  6. Now you will have to enter all required details such as Full Name, Family details, Bank Account Details, profession, monthly income, organization details etc.
  7. Before clicking on Submit button you must need to recheck your entered details.
  8. Now you will see your e-sharm card with a 12 digit Universal Account Number (UAN).
  9. Now you can download your E-Shramic Card online.

How to Download e-Shram or UAN Card Online?

The downloading process of e-shram card is very simple. If you are a registered candidate then you can download your UAN Card through the official website. Following are the simple steps that you can follow. 

  1. Go to the official website https://eshram.gov.in/
  2. Click on the Already Registered – Update button
  3. Enter your Aadhar linked mobile number and Recaptcha Details
  4. Click on the submit button after entering your Aadhar number. You must select the OTP option.
  5. Enter OTP which you received on the mobile.
  6. Now click on the Update e-Kyc Information
  7. On the next page, you will find two buttons, one is Update Profile and another one is Download UAN Card. Click on the Download UAN Card button. 
  8. Now you can download your UAN Card or e Shramik Card.

How to update your profile on the e-Shram Portal for UAN Card?

If you want to update your profile and photo on e-shram card, then you should visit on e-Shram Portal website. The official website of the portal is eshram.gov.in. Mentioned below the process of updating profile on e-shram portal.

  1. Go to the portal’s website https://eshram.gov.in/
  2. Click on the Already Registered – update button.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Enter your Aadhar Number.
  5. Enter OTP and click on the Validate button.
  6.  You will see your dashboard. Now click on Update e-Kyc Information.
  7. On the next page click on the Update Profile.
  8. Whatever you want to update you can update there. 
  9. After entering the data click on the update button.
  10. Click on Review Profile and Print your updated e-shramik card.
  11. Benefits of e-shramik Yojana 2022

    There are multiple benefits of e-shram card yojana. The government will facilitate various benefits to workers through e-shram portal. Given below is the list of facilities that beneficiaries will receive.

    1. The benefits of many schemes provided by the government will be linked through e-shram cards. 
    2. E-Shramik cards could help workers to get employment.
    3. As we know Government is creating a database through e-shram portal. The government can launch various schemes with the help of this database.
    4. Bhima Yojana Insurance Cover.
    5. You can take benefits of Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana.
    6. Candidates are also eligible for National Pension Scheme for Shopkeepers, Traders and Self Employed Person.
    7. Through this scheme, the beneficiaries will be covered by Accidental Death Insurance worth 2 lakh rupees and 1 lakh for partially handicapped in the accident. 

    Types of Persons Covered under the E-Shram Yojana 2022

    1. Agriculture Labourers
    2. Landless Farmers
    3. Construction Workers
    4. Street Workers
    5. Shopkeepers
    6. Fisherman
    7. Computer Operators
    8. Home Tutors
    9. Small Formers
    10. Other Workers who work in the Unorganised Sectors
    State Registration Link
    Arunachal Pradesh  Check Here
    Assam  Check Here
    Andhra Pradesh Check Here
    Bihar Check Here
    Chandigarh Check Here
    Chattisgarh Check Here
    Delhi Check Here
    Goa Check Here
    Gujarat Check Here
    Haryana Check Here
    Himachal Pradesh Check Here
    Jharkhand Check Here
    Jammu & Kashmir Check Here
    Karnataka Check Here
    Kerala Check Here
    Madhya Pradesh Check Here
    Maharashtra Check Here
    Manipur Check Here
    Mizoram Check Here
    Nagaland Check Here
    Odisha Check Here
    Punjab Check Here
    Rajasthan Check Here
    Sikkim Check Here
    Telangana Check Here
    Tamil Nadu Check Here
    Uttarakhand Check Here
    Uttar Pradesh Check Here
    West Bengal Check Here
    E-Shram Official Website Click Here
    Registration through CSC Apply Online
    Self Registration Link Apply Online
    Update Profile Click Here
    Download Link Click Here

    e-Shram Card Portal FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Question 1: When was the launch date of e-Shram Portal?
    Answer:  The e-Shram portal was launched on 26th August 2021. 

    Question 2: Who are the unorganized worker?
    Answer:  All the workers who work as self-employed or home-based jobs. Also should not have a member of ESIC or EPFO.

    Question 3: What is the unorganized sector?
    Answer:  All the small businesses including construction, agriculture, etc, which have less than 10 employees come under the unorganized sector.  

    Question 3: What is the unorganized sector?
    Answer:  All the small businesses including construction, agriculture, etc, which have less than 10 employees come under the unorganized sector.  

    Question 4: What is the UAN?
    Answer:  UAN stands for Universal Account Number. It is a permanent 12 digit unique number assigned to the worker after the registration of e-shramik card.

    Question 5: What is the age limit to register for e-shram card?
    Answer:  The candidate’s age is between 16- 59 to register on e-shram portal. 

    Question 6: What is the validity of e-shram card?
    Answer:  The validity of e-shram card is a lifetime.

    Question 7: What is the last date to apply for e-shram card?
    Answer:  There is no last date. Candidates can register at any time for an e-shramik card.

    Question 8: What is the e-shram portal?
    Answer:  The Government of India developed an e-shram portal to make a database for all the workers who work in the unorganized sector. 


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