English to Urdu Typing Online

Urdu is spoken by more than one billion people around the globe. According to 2021 statistics, this is the 21st-largest first language in the world. Obviously, a large number of educational institutions are running in the Urdu language. But, it is difficult to find an online tool that can be used for English to Urdu … Read more

English to Telugu Typing Online

This software used for English to Telugu typing online is free. You can write an unlimited number of words. You need to write an English word on the given textbox and press the Space button on your computer or Enter on your mobile. Then, it will be converted into a Telugu word with the same … Read more

English to Tamil Typing Online

Tamil is one of the oldest Indian languages that is used widely to this date. Because of its deep-rooted existence, most people in our country and the world use this language frequently. One of the primary challenges when using this language is the difficulty of typing Tamil on an English keyboard. We are sharing our … Read more

English to Hindi Typing Online

As our national language, Hindi is a commonly spoken language in India. Derived from the Devanagari script, it is also one of the most ancient recorded languages in the world. The Hindi language finds prominent usage in most government documents. With the extensive use of Hindi in our everyday life, we need an English to … Read more

English to Kannada Typing Online

Kannada typing using the English QWERTY keyboard becomes very simple using this English to Kannada online typing tool. Type your script in the textbox above using English letters and see it will automatically get converted into Kannada font. This online typing tool is powered by the Google Input Method (IME), which involves a set of … Read more

English to Punjabi Typing Online

Many Punjabis face difficulties in typing Punjabi fonts on an English QWERTY keyboard, and this English to Punjabi online typing tool is developed to ease the effort of Punjabi typing. This is a free online typing tool and very safe to type your essential documents. It is a browser-based user-friendly tool; you just need to … Read more

English to Gujarati Typing Online

This conversion tool is very useful for English to Gujarati typing online at a fast pace. You can just use your usual keyboard with the English alphabet, which is an added advantage. It is reliable software that automatically translates every English word into Gujarati. This tool’s output applies to all computers and laptops of various … Read more

English to Bengali Typing Online

This English to Bengali online typing tool is the best solution for typing Bengali scripture without any special Bengali font keyboard and respective training. This converter tool functions using Google IME or Google Input Method. You need to enter the Bengali words in the English alphabet, and it will automatically get converted into a Bengali … Read more